Basic rules for communal living in the Good Life Community

In Sahalan Kartano, Rautalampi

Interaction culture

GLC shall have a developed, warm hearted and aware interaction culture based on findings of modern social psychology. This means open, honest, and friendly atmosphere for processing, developing, team building, and problem solving. This shall be a great strength compared to average situations. Vessi is an interaction trainer who has led hundreds of youth and youngster groups and designed several interaction development drills. Sahala has even a special place for parties, gatherings, group processing and team building called "The Theatre". It is a 60 sq meter square room (50 people can fit in) in a 220-year-old granary with special relaxing furniture, some instruments and adjustable colour lights.  

Religion and politics

GLC has no formal political or religious agenda of its own and takes a moderate middle ground in this matter. It encourages though peaceful, allowing and loving spiritualism. Members can have any philosophy or conviction which has the good, equal, and peaceful values. Discussions about philosophies and religions on general level in GLC must kept only "academic", meaning theoretical, moderate, tolerant, allowing, and respectful. Attempts of converting others or developing confrontation on religious and philosophies is not allowed, because this aften leads into quarrel. Individual members can of course have theoretical one to one discussions about the differences of their religion or philosophy.
In it´s publications GLC promotes the good results and methods gained, which shall encourage others to follow and take example.
On the farm there is an old grain dryer building, which is decorated to be a place and prayer and meditation.

Basic rules for living in the Good Life Community

These rules are made to support the safety, health, motivation, welfare, inspiration of the members and support the democracy of the community.

  • No discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, gender, looks, political view, age or religion is allowed.
  • All members are treated as equals and have the same rights to live, operate, work, behave and to express themselves. This means that all happenings and meetings in GLC are open for all and that purely- men or women groups or actions can not be held.
  • All adult members need to be willing and capable to work for the GLC equally one way or the other.
  • All adult members need to bear their own economic responsibility in the form of housing costs, voluntary work and other set and fixed costs.
  • All need to follow these basic action- and value-based rules set by the GLC to keep the community functioning and worry free.
  • All members are independent and self-managing persons and must speak for themselves. GLC has not got capacity to support persons, who need special care because of their lowered capacity.
  • All members need to attend the GLC meetings to hear and see what is being planned and decided and possibly to express their opinions about the matters to be decided.
  • No political, philosophical, religious or any other propaganda or pressure is allowed. Sharing data and views about good and useful information about beneficial, sustainable, positive, and constructive things in a moderate way, is allowed.
  • Each member needs to agree on the positive values which are peacefulness, tolerance, equality, openness, politeness, respect of differences in people, free constructive expression, care and love, flexibility, justice, tidiness, and good order.
  • Each member needs to agree on the common goals which are sustainability in a high degree, well working democracy in GLC, good health achieved mainly with preventive methods, high level of consciousness, close and warm-hearted atmosphere, worry free and happy natural life close to the nature, continuous development in small steps, balanced economy, high and growing level of self-sufficiency, moderate level of material consumption, smart use of modern technology.
  • If unfitting personalities or personalities with such features appear to be a member in GLC, or if such qualities show up in such person who is a member already, each member supports quick timely termination of a visit or membership of such person to avoid a permanently harm and dividing conflict inside the GLC member group.
  • Each member needs a consent from all the members to be able to keep indoor pets. Cats and dogs are not allowed.
  • No criminal actions or dishonesty is tolerated among members.

These rules can be changed in 2 succeeding house meetings if min. 75 % of the members are in favour.

FREE SHARING – exchange economy – IDEA IN GLC

One fruitful but old idea to be introduced in GLC is exchange economy. There the members exchange materials and services between each other or even families.
From each exchange "contract" the parties (2 or more people) white a short note on paper, email or text, the rough terms to back up the memory. If this exchange is small and carried out by both parties very soon, documenting may not be necessary, but recommended just to avoid misunderstanding, because misunderstanding soon poison the relations and atmosphere.

In exchange economy materials or services can be very small or they can be very big too. It can be connected to normal life or even producing of something. The parties do not need to tell the others what was traded if they do not want.

When tens of people get used to exchange economy, are fluent and accustomed to use if often and fluently, it has several positive sides:

  • Jobs get done better and faster.
  • Everybody has the capacity of his/her own + that of people in the community network.
  • No taxes or insurances need to be paid.
  • People learn to know each other better, become better friends.
  • More friendship generates more social and economical activities. The quality of life improves.
  • Positive examples make the exchange network to grow, which offers more and more capacity