Good Life Community - GLC

Farm "arch" for smart and sustainable future living

Main idea is to establish, develop a truly well planned and managed, multicultural and in all respects high-quality "Good Life Community" (GLC) for about 30-50 people. GLC exists in a historic, large, and beautiful Sahala multi function farm in Rautalampi municipality, Finland.

The lifestyle shall be in many ways higher quality = safer, more social and satisfying, more rewarding and joyful than normal urban or even rural life.
It is also meant to be mentally, socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable, open minded, innovative, warm-hearted, and healthy.

Clean, potential, and well-organized country of Finland enables variety of small business opportunities to the members, even if the goal is also to downshift to more peaceful life from the consumption and money centred and stressed modern way of living. 

Now we are looking for new member candidates to get to know us for further information.

GLC is planned to find some people to its starting team already in the summer 2023 to start preparations and marketing for the rapid growth of GLC.

Very important is to find the soonest a competent person with organizing skills to be the leader of GLC. See the job description here.

All who are interested, should call to Vessi any time to +358400 763700. 

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As a goal and practice GLC shall have exceptionally warm hearted and open atmosphere. This will be done with conscious principles, actions and methods. Founder Veli-Jussi Jalkanen is an successful interaction trainer, who has efficient methods and skill to develop truly high quality and inspiring social community. All members shall be educated to keep it up. Problem solving shall be constructive and team building fun. Everybody shall have friends in GLC.


Sahala has been known already for years for very developed preventive health know how. The existing rental company there, Salli system, has enjoyed so healthy culture, that the sick leave percentage has been exceptionally low, less than 1 %. People just do not get ill. This is done with developed healthy life style, which shall support also GLC members. The owners of Sahala Vessi and Marie are very known preventive health expers, who love to share their knowledge to the others.
GLC restaurant shall make super healthy and delicious food. This food culture supports strongly good mental health, happiness, good energy level and productivity. Developed sauna culture (and ice dipping for some) in GLC is one of the many features what supports health.


Sahala is so large (780 hectares, fields 65, forest 710, 3 hectare parks, large garden, surrounding lakes) and has many possibilities for very many nature based activities, products and projects. 23 km of own forest roads, fishy waters, healthy natural forests, good workshops, number of barns etc. are full of options for economical activities.