Values and Key Principles

Know how about fundamentally good life is spread around. 

One can also be critical about the basics of any cood life fundamentals, saying that there are so and so many preferences, habits and customs, which determine how good life can be. This is true of course. Nevertheless, we can name several things that most people consider positive for the good quality of life. Also science and holistic and chemical medicine can name number of things what help people to life happier and healthier = good life.

Such things would be first of all:

  • Good mental and physical health.
  • Slow aging, especially slow brain aging.
  • Warm hearted and safe community to live in with personal friends there.
  • Good interaction skills to be able to know yourself and communicate with various kinds of people.
  • Ability to have meaningful hobbies.
  • Change to do good to other people, which is a strong mental health booster.
  • Basic life consumables like warm room /home and 2 healthy meals/day.
  • Possibility to exercise every day and change to go to nature.
  • Change to get honest information about positive and hopeful happenings, phenomena and politics.
  • Live free from fears and addictions with hope for the future.

Now such international and multicultural society is being developed. It shall help its members to gain better and better quality of life with various methods. They would be…:

  • Maintain a very smart and wise web site with various contents and links to useful information about thinkers, organisations, methods and systems.
  • Provide an international network of certified members, where GLC travellers may find and lodging on low cost price or even free when travelling.
  • Support to build up friend groups online or in locations.
  • Support to build up smaller or bigger communities with truly happy life.
  • Consultation to the communities how life can be attained warmhearted, social and sustainable in many respects.