GLC life shall focus on such direction that many dream about. That is sustainable and ecological, healthy, social, peaceful, rewarding, and meaningful way of life close to clean nature.
It will be simpler and more practical but using large number potentials of the surrounding beautiful and rich nature, self-managed warm hearted and democratic community in a developed infrastructure of a stable, safe, and democratic country.
Modern developed technologies are still available for working, living, entertainment and communication. In GLC, friends (other members) are close, loneliness is rare, all together develop living conditions and solve problems.
GLC has big potential to grow to more and more developing, balanced, international and pioneer spirited operator in the culture of communities.


The world is moving into the direction, where disorder, imbalance and confusion is growing. Large-scale weather, social, political or economy disturbances are possible with shortages of work, energy, safety and even consumption articles. GLC can be a good and "safe haven" against such conditions.

This community shall be a safer and more motivating place for its members and residents in the conditions of weakening social and state structures, and even possibility of larger war in Europe.

GLC with smart and encouraging rules, principles and values and many skilled habitants holding together, can be much safer environment in many ways during the times of exceptional times, than normal life.

GLC home country, Finland, is one of the few places in Europe where global warming may make the weather conditions even easier for the people and the nature, even if also here some risks will show up.


This community shall be an answer for the growing number of conscious people, who:

  • Have skills, talents, workforce, ideas, and willingness to give their best to GLC and members and get satisfaction in doing so.
  • People who have good interaction skills, are interested about other people, and want to support and learn from them.
  • Want to change their lives to be less urban, less consumption centred and stressful.
  • Want to step out from life with countless messages, too much screen time, and running in the "squirrel wheel".
  • Want a life, which is less consumption centred.
  • Wish to live life with smaller money economy emphasis.
  • Would like to have their life more ecological, and sustainable in the carbon economy.
  • Like their life be more self-sufficient where one can produce more of your food and heating / electric energy by yourself.
  • Enjoy and share their life with a safe, warm hearted, positive, helpful, and resourceful community (family) at home.
  • Want to live in area with plentiful clean nature recourses, no extreme temperatures and good soil to grow the food.
  • Who enjoy or living area, which is not overpopulated, or criminal and where environmental security is on high level.
  • Look for a physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually healthy and high quality life.

Some personality types, to whom GLC is not the right place to apply to:

  1. Have personality disorder like being unbale (shyness, no awareness, courage or spoken language) to express feelings, goals, values, and intentions freely or people who take lots of selfish "space" and who do not listen to the others, but rather keep on telling their own stories, experiences and ideas and making other people fed up to listen to them.
  2. Cannot makes friends with people in general.
  3. Do not want or cannot really adopt or follow the values, principles, practices, and rules of GLC.
  4. Cannot keep honesty in their speech, expressions or actions or have violent / criminal habits, connections, or intentions.
  5. Have no or very poor skills or energy to work and benefit the community.
  6. Have severe and / or time-consuming addictions like smoking, gaming, alcohol, drugs of any kind, person is overtaken with conspiracy believes / addictions, continuous SOME or mobile phone follow up etc.
  7. Are addicted to the lifestyle where you stay up most of the night and sleep most of the day.
  8. Have severe chronical illnesses, which limit their working capacity, contacting other people or participation to normal life of GLC.
  9. Have high goals to become mainly rich and powerful in life with the help of GLC.
  10. People committed to philosophy, religion or organisations which do not support actively tolerance, love, openness, warm heartedness and equality, but rather support racism, hate, fear, superstition, violence or intolerance of any sort. 

Values and key principles

Social values in GLC among members are planned to be warmheartedness, equality, forgivingness, openness, active self-expression, and flexibility.
GLC supports mental, physical, social, and spiritual health, active self-expression and smoke / drugfree life.
GLC shall have develop, high quality, aware and positive interaction culture, where social skills and communication is positive and problem solving efficient. It also exercises developing, open and well-structured internal democracy. Adult members are responsible about their own choices and actions and teams (like house and start up teams) about their work too. Part of the openness is activity communication and messaging.
People and teams learn humbly from each other. Good new practices are taken in use in all teams, houses and groups. Humour and various forms of joy in is encouraged and cultivated.
Living habits are well planned smartly, they are developed according to good practices, and encouraged also to be healthy by adopting the latest preventive health knowledge and science.
All things around us in the world are changing. That is why development in GLC, in order to stay vital, should be evolving too, and that is why smart, pre-thinking and well managed shared leadership is vital. One of the key principles is also developing and innovating new forms of co-existence, teamwork, practices, routines, and actions.
Life and production of GLC is meant to be sustainable in physical and mental sense by using many recourses of Sahala and the local environment.
One goal is also to develop the actions and life to be more and more self-sufficient, but in this, not going into unpractical extremes.
In GLC basic living requirements (heating, food, lodging) can be achieved with rather small costs/person/month, small number of wastes (carbon included) and work.
Forests in Sahala estate grow so well and much more than harvested, that this farm with the GLC, is carbon negative (= carbon collector) in any case. Collecting more carbon into the field soils is possible. 

Living activities and use of time in GLC

Living in GLC shall be inspiring, and healthy life, surrounded by supporting and warm-hearted members and good atmosphere in…

  • Peaceful own time for personal growth, learning, studying, healing, exercising, resting and enjoyment.
  1. Community work to keep basic life services going on like laundry service, maintaining the central heating of the buildings, building maintenance, making food, heating sauna, cleaning and organizing, snow work in the winter, trash management, taking care of the parks and environment, writing publications on the GLC home page or in social media channels to get more publicity and member candidates etc.
  2. Working online for possible personal distant job (all main houses have 100 mb optical cable) of the member etc.
  3. Producing something in the voluntary production teams, to mainly get own money and some percentage of the profit for the whole community expenses. You can read more about our idea here.
  4. Doing hand work from Sahala own resources like wood, leather (existing saddle chair factory left over pieces), metal (good workshop with tools) or other organic materials like plants (hemp) etc.
  5. Spending time with other members in numerous kinds of social activities, relaxing, massage, meditation, sitting and talking by the fire, building up good, open, and warm relations and friendship with the others in sessions, parties of many kind etc.
  6. Producing own food for everybody at the same time by cooking it in the Sahala own restaurant kitchen and getting the food supply besides the local shops or organic farmers by fishing, hunting, gardening, herb-, mushroom- or berry picking, caring moveable chicken gages on the field, producing mushroom- or insect protein by growing it inside the cellars ourselves.
    If some teams have willingness, GLC can, the the members want, also take 2 – 3 dairy cows which live and eat freely in the field, come voluntary to the milking machines 2 times/day, and produce the healthy A-2 organic milk just for the GLC members. This milk is the healthier form of the milk without the oxidative BCM-7 protein of A1 milk, which is the health shortage in the Ayrshire and Friesian dairy cows.
  7. Doing voluntary work for outsiders (Rautalampi municipality), for the GLC, some international goal or anybody.
  8. Spending time in the fantastic nature in many ways like walking, bicycling, paddling, rowing, sailing, picking berries, herbs, mushrooms, observing the birds etc animals, fishing and even hunting (with bow or rifle) small dears to keep their number tolerable for the nature.

Important principle is, that to avoid the stress, the number of hours which are needed to work for the community necessary life actions, would not be very many / day on average. 

Famous smokesauna Holysmoke is suitable for about 30 bathers at once.
Famous smokesauna Holysmoke is suitable for about 30 bathers at once.

Good conditions for good health maintenance

Both Marie and Vessi are in excellent physical condition and are both specialists of preventive health, who like to share their experiences, vast knowledge, and consultation to other people.

In GLC truly healthy living would be easy to do accomplish because of clean environment, organic farming, large berry garden, medical herbs growing all over, clean fish in the lakes, healthy meat from the deer and elk and own cooking, food and restaurant of GLC.

One good choice for the GLC is to have main meals as brunch 10-11, and dinner at 18 to allow easy time table for the healthy 8 hour eating window and continuous intermitted fasting too. Besides this, members could have snacks of their own as they wish.

Sauna several times a week and own massage room with shared massages, 23 km of own forest roads and healthy practical and outdoor work increase the health level of the lifestyle even more. Sahala has a large smoke sauna Holysmoke (for dozens of people) and a developed and nurturing sauna culture that utilizes herbs, sauna whisks (vihta) and peat. There is also a small gym in Sahala itself.

Time with fireplaces, doing hand works, playing games, social connections and having evening walks in good company offer good alternatives to just staring screens in the evenings.

The nearby gym and spa in Rautalampi (3 km) or even a bigger and brand new gym and spa in Suonenjoki (23 km) offer good and healthy relaxation especially in winter time. 


The big tech companies are building a world where all people are expected and hoped to be online most of the time using their services and looking at the advertisements where they get their profits.

Aware persons want to oppose this, because this kind of lifestyle develop harmful addiction to the phones and SOME world.

Studies show that this addiction also increases depression and other mental health problems, immobility, makes people narrower minded and creates helplessness, overweight, chronical lifestyle diseases and it also degreases intelligence and makes us more tempted by the advertisements of harmful products.

We are compelled to use computers in working in most cases because that is the way it works in many professions, but we do not need to be online outside the working time.

To solve the problem of needing to read the news online and wasting a lot of time to it, there is smarter solution:
In GLC we could have our own "media journalist", who would follow maybe 12 good quality news media and magazines. This person would sort out only the most positively meaningful stories and news and would share them to the community members. This way all others would save the wasted time of scrolling negative and stupid news, which usually leave us feel bad or confused and have negative sub-conscious effect.

Independency from the online life can be learned if there is conscious understanding about the harmfulness of it, goal to develop lifestyle with smaller addiction and a well-accepted lifestyle where are smarter, more social, and more developing and relaxing ways to spend time and have hobbies.

Such evening / weekend hobbies together or individually can be in GLC…:

  • Having evening relaxation sessions together and discussing and planning various topics of GLC.
  • Listening someone´s lecture about some topic of science/knowledge or interesting story, discussions.
  • Doing numerous kinds of physical exercises inside and outside in the nature or in town.
  • Heating and having sauna.
  • Doing healthy and relaxing massage.
  • Keeping fire in the fireplaces and talking with friends
  • Reading good books or other useful science or other information.
  • Writing
  • Having relaxed and meditating walks, or moving other way in the nature (paddling, rowing, riding, cycling, skiing, jogging, skating)
  • Fishing or hunting.
  • Visiting friends.
  • Playing cards or board games.
  • Preparing some dish together.
  • Looking at some useful documentary in TV.
  • Doing hand work by the fire or discussing at the same time with friends.
  • Repairing something.
  • Listening or playing / practicing music.
  • Creating art.
  • Going shopping.
  • Playing something with the children or reading to them.

We see that the list of things is very long about opportunities instead to hang online. In a smart group with good goals and values it's easier to learn better time use habits.