Sahala is located 3 km north of Rautalampi village (2000 inhabitants) by the quiet countryside asphalt road 5451 in a peaceful and clean forest and lake area of Finland. It is close to towns Suonenjoki (8000 inhabitants, 20 km, railway), Kuopio (100.000 inh., 70 km, airport, railway) and Jyväskylä (70.000 inh., 95 km, airport, railway). Capital of Finland, Helsinki is about 4 hours away by train. In Rautalampi municipality area most big lakes are drinking -clean, forests grow well numerous kinds of trees and other plants. There are various animals in the forests (incl. occasional bears, volves and lynx) and lots of fish in the clean lakes. There is scholl center in Rautalampi and Suonenjoki as well. Both places have clean and comfortable spas with good saunas for easy relaxation. Suonenjoki spa is bigger and quite new even with a cold pool in it. Rautalampi school centre (3 km from Sahala) has a very good gym for tennis, badmington, basketball etc. 

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