Houses for living

GLC housing/living buildings are:
1. Sahala the main building with 9 private rooms, plus living room and kitchen for shared use.
2. Kasvunpaikka (400 meters away) with 5 rooms upstairs and 3 rooms downstairs plus ling room – hall and kitchen for all.
3. Kattilavirta (1200 m away) has 16 rooms, of which 3 can be made double rooms with a middle door between them. There is a large living room, hobby room and kitchen for shared use + upstairs share in 2 rooms for storage and hobbies as well.

Within 3 km in the Rautalampi village there are also 2 houses and 2 apartments owned by Vessi and Marie to be used too for the GLC in case of need.
The old production building next to the main house has now a tenant and furniture manufacturing company, which may move somewhere else in the future. Then the capacity of this building is another 7 double rooms and one single room for living + GLC restaurant / living room. The heated production halls offer a great opportunity for small manufacturing of various products. All these 4 houses are on the banks of the same lake and have wood pallet heating centres, electric heat pumps.
Sahala main building and the restaurant have modern and efficient stone fireplaces. There will be one also in Kattilavirta living room. All houses have the water toilets in the corridor/in the house close by. Sahala farm centre has also 2 compost toilets besides 5 water toilets and 2 shower rooms.

In GLC people would live either in a 2 room home, 1 room home and exceptionally in shared accommodation. The house space / person is a key thing in making the living more economical and sustainable, because living space costs a lot.
Shared toilet, shower and kitchen makes living a lot cheaper. In friendly atmosphere and good rules and principles this arrangement fits for many, but anyway asks for social and sharing mentality.

It is also possible to rent or buy houses in the Rautalampi municipality area for people who want to join GLC but to live in their own house. 

Room in Kattilavirta
Room in Kattilavirta
Lakeside sauna in Kattilavirta
Kitchen in Kasvunpaikka (upstairs)
The bank of the stream next to Kasvunpaikka
Main house
Bedroom in the main house
Living room in the main house

Main restaurant on the farm

Sahala has its own 50 place modern restaurant in the farm centre, where the meals for the people are fast and easy to do collectively by 1-3 persons.

Other Sahala buildings, spaces and equipment

In Sahala there are 5 barns with (building materials and farm machinery), one old and empty granary used as chapel, old smithy now as steel storage, small farm museum room with old tools, altogether 6 living houses, 5 lakeside saunas and a stable building. There are big tanks for diesel and tractor fuel, firewood storage and fireplace for 40 people. At the beach we have an old but running 120 hp open water jet aluminium boat for fast trips with big gasoline consumption. 

Sahala farm environment and potentials

Sahala has been a Jalkanen family-owned farm since 1873. The written history of it goes back to 1656. Nowadays it is known for many of its business sectors and innovations.

Sahala estate and farm is located 3 km north of Rautalampi village in the clean lake and forest area of central Finland. Its forest area is 1010, lake 80, fields 62 and garden and park 4 hectares.

Farm is limited with 2 ponds, 3 lakes and 2 rivers. There is lots of fish in those lakes plus in the surrounding large lakes as well of which, most are drinking clear. In Sahala forests live permanently for example hares, game birds, small and big deer, and elks.

There are 26 buildings of which 8 are living houses and besides them simple summer group rooms for 20 + 8 persons. The main building is a modern but 230-year-old wooden house with 12 rooms and the kitchen. In the yard centre there is a large production building (old cowhouse). It has been and is used so far as furniture factory, warm storage, and several offices, which can be changed to many other purposes. The wood pallet central heating is in that and warms up the main building as well. On the fields there are 5 good quality barns with machinery and 2 ground cellars (now unused).

There are several saunas of which one is the famous Holysmoke (built 1987, economical wood pallet heating) for about 30 people. Fields are all organic and forest too. Forestry is sustainable and intensive meaning that the amount of carbone in the forests is growing fast all the time due to innovative, intensive and skilful forestry.

Fields (62 hectares) are mostly growing organic hay, from which the farm (GLC) gets about 42000 € of EU field support / year. 20 hectares grow a fresh goat pea, which can produce honey with honeybees. (One neighbour is doing that in small scale). This hay can be cut, baled, and sold to horse- or cattle farms as well but also for biogas production. If ploughed, cereals can be sown in too. We have our own combine harvester and a big dryer, which runs with electricity- or diesel fan.

There are 2 riding horses using stable as their weather shelter and they have all saddles and equipment for cross country or field riding. There are 2 riding yards in the house and the Rautalampi riding centre is about 20 min ride away with a modern riding hall and lessons. Sahala forests and 23 km of our forest roads are a luxury environment to ride.