Safety measures and values in GLC

Personal and community safety in GLC shall be developed to be on much higher level than in normal life in general.

Good values, warm hearted atmosphere, helping each other, open interaction culture (social skills) and conscious training of them shall degrease the risk of poor communication, misunderstanding, internal harassment or bullying to very low level.

Against food crisis self-sufficiency and own food production from own garden, fields, forests, and lakes makes a strong base. Field area can get water from the lake and has irrigation system if needed. Food safety is good due to clean and hygienic kitchen and good awareness and routine in cooking and food storage. All fields, forests and garden are grown ecologically poison free.

Authorities in Finland operate openly, friendly and are not corrupted. Laws are clear.

In the neighbourhood there are no organized crime or terrorists or populations that breed them.

In a community like GLC with openness, well trained social skills and warm heartiness the position of children is better than elsewhere. Whole community supports and helps the, "It takes a village (or GLC) to raise a child". In GLC people with severe problems like tendency to mental or physical violence of any kind (insets, narcissism, psychopathic) are not tolerated at all to be members or if they should manage to become members, they shall be sent out the soonest after being discovered.

The GLC alcohol policy shall protect internal safety by denying in the are any heavier drinking then 1-2 grasses of wine on meals and one sauna beer. Intoxicated people cannot be tolerated for the safety reasons alone. For the same reason intoxicating drugs cannot be tolerated at all either.

The climate in Finland benefits from climate change making the winters warmer and shorter. So far, we have not had intense summer heats or long draughts either.

Risk of illnesses in GLC is much smaller than usually, because of smart and effective preventive health policy, lifestyle, and actions. There are very small risks to get dangerous pathogens or parasites in the Finnish nature if one knows how to do some basic protective measures.

Measures and actions against fire is well in hand and trained by everybody.

Social values and practices make other GLC members as volunteer helpers when some have personal problems. Loneliness is not likely to occur, and parents get help in raising their children. If plans of home school of at least partial additional schooling can be organised, children shall be taught very good mental and maybe also physical self defence for their future life in this unsecure world.

In case of utmost unlikely visit of dangerous visitors, among habitants of GLC we have people who are used to use guns in hunting, and they have hunting rifles. To make undesired visitors to know that there are arms in the house is already a big scare. In case of need they are also able to shoot scaring warning shots in the air.

Something about the level of security tells, that the cars in the yard are usually unlocked and the buildings too. Life here is very, very safe. The risk factors are just very small or non-existent.