Member Form


Dear applicant, This questionnaire aims to gauge your fit with the Good Life Community (GLC). We seek individuals aligned with our ethos and who show potential for mutual benefit.

Before you apply, please review our website and plans.

Your detailed answers, alongside your CV, references, and work history, will help us assess your suitability for GLC. Often, applicants are invited to visit and experience GLC in Rautalampi.

Respond honestly and thoughtfully to the questions below, and omit any you prefer not to answer. All information will be handled confidentially and destroyed post-process.

Attach a photo and relevant files with your application if possible, and return the completed questionnaire promptly to

We appreciate your understanding, participation, and cooperation.

- Name:
- Year of Birth:
- Possible Move-in Time:
- Gender:
- Nationality:
- Cultural Background:
- Email:
- Mobile Phone:
- Social Media Profiles:
- Allergies or Illnesses Affecting Work:
- Height:
- Weight:
- Smoking Habits:
- Drug/Alcohol Use:
- Pets (if any):
- Dietary Preferences/Restrictions:
- Experience with Similar Living Situations:
- Self-Identified Weaknesses:
- Character Description:

(Alternatively, you can send your CV/resume separately.) 
- School Grades & Achievements:
- Professional Training:
- Courses Taken:
- Work Experience, Former Jobs, References, Success Stories:
- Special Skills & Qualifications:
- Additional References:

PERSONALITY SELF ASSESSMENT: (Rate 1-5, 5 being the highest)
- Skill Level for Applied Work:
- Work Efficiency:
- Stress Tolerance:
- Physical Courage:
- Social Courage: 
- Public Speaking Willingness:
- Intelligence:
- Openness to Experience:
- Self-Esteem:
- Adaptability:
- Patience:
- Confidence:
- Energy Level:
- Organizational Skills:
- Sense of Responsibility:
- Determination:
- Practicality in Organizing:
- Mental Resilience:
- Orderliness:
- Guilt Sensitivity:
- Sense of Humor:
- General Relaxation:
- Cleanliness:
- Action Speed:
- Determination Level:
- Self-Direction:
- Health Consciousness:
- Mental Stamina:
- Technical Aptitude:
- Order Appreciation:
- Dutifulness:
- Guilt Proneness:
- Overall Relaxation:
- Health Awareness:
- Interest in the Human Body:
- Knowledge of the Human Body:
- Comfort with Physical Contact:
- Social Boldness:
- Conversation Participation in Groups:
- Leadership in Group Discussions:
- Control over Personal Life:


- Languages: Specify each language you can communicate in, both speaking and writing.
- Best Work Type: Describe the kind of work you think you are best at.
- Community Contribution Skills: List skills, hobbies, or passions that you can contribute to the community.
- Practical Handwork Skills: Detail your practical handwork skills and how well you can perform them.
- Physical and Mental Well-being: Describe how you take care of your own physical and mental well-being.
- Well-being Practices: Share any practices or routines that support your well-being.
- Health Knowledge: What knowledge do you have about health and preventive treatments, such as massage, osteopathy, natural remedies, or sustainable healthcare alternatives?
- Computer Skills: Describe your computer skills and proficiency.
- Swimming Ability: Can you swim?
- Bicycle Riding: Can you ride a bicycle?
- Ice Water Swimming: Have you ever done swimming in ice water?
- Massage: Do you like to do massage to others? Have you ever been in massage therapy yourself?
- Sauna: Do you like sauna?
- Horse Riding: Can you ride a horse?
- Nature Based Skills: Which nature based skills you have?
- Climbing: When have you climbed trees, mountains?
- Driving License: Any driving license, vehicles, farm machines you can operate?
- Marketing Skills: Describe your marketing skills (e.g., selling, finding new customers, planning & executing marketing plans).
- Customer Service Skills: Describe your customer service skills.
- Website Management: What some sites you manage very well? What some sites have you made yourself? 

- Living in 4 Seasons: Experience living in 4 seasons.
- Gardening in 4 Seasons: Experience gardening in 4 seasons.
- Sleep and Wake Times: Normal daily sleep and wake up times (during the weekdays).
- Fears: Possible important fears.
- Hobbies: Other hobbies.
- Selling and Finding New Customers: Experience in selling and finding new customers.
- Social Media Mastery: Social media channels you master and/or maintain (such as social media accounts).
- Learning Passion: Passionate to learn more.
- Education on Herbs: Formal or self-made education about herbs and medical plants.
- Personal Experience with Herbs: Own personal experience to use herbs and medical plants.
- Material Consumption Level: What material consumption level you like to keep personally.
- Sustainable Living Meaning: What does sustainable living mean to you?
- Commitment to Sustainable Living: Your level of commitment to sustainable living (1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest).
- Overtime Work: Readiness for overtime work?
- Housing Preferences: Wishes/limitations about housing arrangements.
- Community Living Experience: Have you lived in a community housing setting or managed a farm before? If yes, please provide details about your experience. If not, briefly explain why you are interested in this lifestyle.
- Rooms Preference: How many rooms you like to have to yourself in GLC.
- Emotional Management: How did you manage/succeed emotionally in sharing the living space.
- Military Training: Military training, rank.
- Earning Possibilities: When you look at the list of earnings possibilities (in, explain your potential about which ones look possible or suitable to you.
- Earning Ideas: List other possible earning ideas you have as a member of GLC.
- Financial Sustainability: For how long can you stay in GLC with your own savings/money without any earnings.

Please complete the assessment to the best of your ability.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

Best regards,
GLC Recruitment Team