• Regular organic cereals (oats, wheat, barley, rye) which are possible to grow in this climate area fields.
  • Green grass produced by contractors and sold to the new biogas company in Kiuruvesi (if this contract can be made)
  • Hamp seeds, which are sold in the web shop in retail and wholesale.
  • Hamp flowers as soon as that becomes legal in Finland
  • Producing high quality organic silage to the old customers with horses or beef cows
  • Collecting wild herbs from the fields and forests to "Sahala Herbs" – company (GLC owned) raw material as we have done.
  • Green grass powder mixture of to the use of people or animals
  • Bush berries (saskatoon, aronia, black current, etc.) even in large scale on the fields
  • Apples or plumbs on the fields in larger scale
  • Honey and bee products from the existing flower plant (19 hectares) and from the openings plants of the forest
  • Biogas from the green grass (equipment does not exist yet)
  • Insect protein with the field grass in the existing farmhouses (no experience about this yet)
  • Eggs with hens on daily movable gages with wheels during grass growing seasons (6 months)
  • Herbs and medical plants from the fields and forests. We have experience about this and 2 dryers and 3 mills for this.
  • Medical compost with super rich microbes' selection in boxes for hand and foot microbe "baths"


  • Shaga (Inonotus omnibus) or reishi (Ganoderma lusidum) medical mushrooms (we have suitable tree areas for this)
  • Wild mixed forest mushrooms and preparing them for the market by drying or deep freezing.
  • Firewood production (normal firewood or innovative "roundwood") from thinning cuts of Sahala birch tree forest areas
  • Log fire "candles" (1 m dry wood with the other end sawed in cross shape for good burning when standing up)
  • Normal and special board or blank material from Sahala Forest harvesting.
  • Handcrafts from Sahala special birch material what grows in our forest.
  • Bird nests made from wood which are drilled hollow or made from boards.
  • Picking and selling wild berries like blueberry (bilberry), raspberry, arctic berry, cranberry, lingonberry.
  • Production of sauna whips for home and sale.
  • Resin products from spruce.


  • Organic vegetables from outside or green house
  • Apples, plumbs, pears, berries
  • Health or medical mushrooms grown in the 2 cellars of Sahala
  • Producing compost for sale besides own use


  • "Forest bath" experiences
  • Experimental nights in a group… on the great lake's islands, stove- tent, under open sky, swamp, forest etc.
  • "Wind Arrow" canoe (25 seats) paddling and "Forwind"- row boat (40 seats) lake and water way hikes and tours
  • Islandic horse trail rides in the forest (Sahala was a large trail riding farm 1996 – 2016) . No horses now, but can be bought)
  • "HolySmoke" (wood pallet heated) sauna experiences (max 30 people) for health, relaxing with over 10 sauna treats

Clean food- good life teats for healing visitors and patients with various contents and support treatments

  • Paddling with innovative Salli Paddler canoes (good ergonomics, no danger or turning over) in saddle seating position
  • Massage services in the well-equipped and existing massage room on a bench with many adjustments for therapy
  • Spiritual retreats of various kinds on the farm or
  • Colon wash service for health, detox, and immunity. We already have the special bench for this.
  • Bow hunting services for tourists.
  • Camera hunting groups in the spring and august when the birds move.

MANUFACTURING PRODUCTS IN THE HOUSE (innovative Sahala has many small products which can be made easily and sold)

  • Forest brush cutting scissors with a stump treating cup.
  • Fireplace burning frame for better and more economical (and cleaner) firewood burning.
  • Small leather things made from the high quality "waste" leather pieces (have them a lot) from the Salli furniture production.
  • Assembling innovative "Horseshoe" saunas" for sales, made by Sahala timber material.


  • Fishing in the summer and in the winter for own use and for sale with multiple ways on 3 bordering lakes.
  • There are a lot on fishing possibilities in the area, where over 1/3 is lakes, ponds, and rivers.
  • Hunting raw-deer and elk (which are too many) for own use or sale.
  • Hunting rabbits or game birds with a bow or rifle


  • Sahala forestry can employ some people periodically to plant trees, cut the brush, disbranch trees etc. every year in the summertime from May – November.


  • On Sahala its possible to organize the life to be very self- sufficient.
  • We have wood pallet heating in all living houses. Producing pallets is possible to organize to be done ourselves.
  • In the restaurant and main building (9 bedrooms) and Kattilavirta (13 bedrooms) we have efficient stone stoves in the living rooms. Such one can be installed also in the Kasvunpaikka house.
  • Oats, rye, wheat, hemp, peas, beans can be grown in our old fields organically without chemicals and chemical fertilizers.
  • Many garden and forest products can be on the menu as well. If own milk production is not practical at first, it can be bought straight from the nearby farms.
  • Sahala has not got any biogas technology yet, but it has been in plans for long time already. If such is installed, besides heat, it can also produce fuel for the electricity generator.


  • Now already the electricity consumption is very low due to the modern technologies in Sahala.
  • The working repair – cruiser motorcycle is electric, and the cargo car is being switched to an electric model too.
  • The tractors can be made to run on biogas. In Rautalampi such sales spot does not exist yet, but surely its coming soon.
  • Sahala farm forest grow now already close to 9000 m3 of timber (it has doubled since 1975) which means over 8000 ton of CO2 tied up in the forest and underground. Forest growth is also speeding up, due to good forestry which has been performed during the last 40 + years. The community activities shall not even nearly reach to the same magnitude in carbone layouts. The whole place is firmly CO2 negative every year.
  • Solar panels are in the shopping list now already.
  • There are 9 electric health pumps all around the house already.
  • We have 3 solar heat collectors in all living houses already installed.


  • Sahala and Kasvunpaikka have new, very well cleaning suage stations for all dirt water. We do not pollute our home lake at all.
  • We have 3 compost toilets, one in all buildings, except Kattilavirta. There we can install one modern and tidy one easily too.
  • Compost toilet wastes can be composted in the garden, or they can be used in forest to benefit the tree growth by digging them into a sandy soil, where the waste nutrients and quickly picked up by the trees.
  • All water toilets have bide-shower, with what bottom washing, a superior health and sanitary habit (saving paper) is possible.


  • In the Sahala main building there is solarium for all body healthy refreshment in the darkest time of the winter.


  • In Sahala there is a 40 seat gigantic rowing boat FOREWING – MYÖTÄTUULI (like "Viking" boat) very suitable for long trips on the lakes. It can also be move easily to other lakes on existing trailer. 38 persons can row it with 29 long oars. It has instant rain roof (you can row under it), spaces for long trip firewood, food materials, personal things and sleeping blankets too.
  • The other group vessel in a canoe Tuulinuoli (Wind Arrow) for 20 paddlers + 5 idle persons. The equipment is the same as in Forewind.

These both vessels are wonderful vehicles to wonder the in nature without insects and sweat. We can make a 70 km mater ring "road" with 2 canals, 3 rivers, 11 lakes. There are several good camping islands on this way.

There is a 120 hp old but operational water jet (water is sucked from below and pumped out through the back, which
creates the thrust) boat in Sahala. It can take 6-8 people but consumes 15-20 l or gasoline. Chancing engine to diesel would
make it more economic.


We have 2 pc of 15 - person military tents with tent stoves, insulation mattresses and self-innovated sleeping mattresses.
Together with boats, they make a good overnight nature camping equipment. In Sahala forests we can find occasional dead trees which can be used as firewood on camps and tent stoves. Our big boats are ideal for larger group lake cruising.


Now we have a large garden compost for the garden and park wastes. We mix it with the tractor front loader a couple of time a year and add some horse manure to keep it active. There is a separate commercial rat proof compost unit for household wastes.


South of Sahala the landscape is changing with hills, rocks and valleys and rather large thinly populated forest areas with occasional forest roads. Noth of Sahala landscape is rather flat for about 30 km with large lakes and swamp areas. Population of whole Rautalampi is 3000. With 1 h car drive there are 3 good shopping towns anyway besides the food shops of our own village.


In the farm we have now a pickup truck, small car, 4-wheeler, electric moped with a toolbox, 1 snowmobile some bicycles. The environment here is ideal to go moving in the nature besides walking, paddling with the Salli Paddler catamaran canoe (own invention, 1-3 people) , horseback riding, bicycling on forest roads, skiing (about 3-4 months a year) and sometimes skating on natural ice on the lakes. Lakes are good for small boat sailing, windsurfing or ice surfing when it blows.


The winter heating in all GLC houses works sustainably on wood pallets. Besides that, we have also 3 solar heat collectors and modern and efficient 2 inside stone stoves and 2 older brick stoves, which can be replaced to stone stoves if necessary. Solar panels have been under consideration. Electricity feeding is quite secure, because all main and smaller powerlines to Sahala are weatherproof. Just in case we also have 1 bigger tractor driven generator and one smaller with diesel.


Local climate in Rautalampi is moderate with no extremes usually. We have snow 4—5 month. In the winter the temperatures are usually below zero 0 – 20 C and in the summer +10- +25. We have about 20 days with just over 25 C but not over 30 C. Annual rainfall is about 600 mm. There can be nowadays dry spells for some weeks in summer, but the nature survives with the water melted from the snow. Most of the year weather is quite comfortable to toil outside with proper clothing what we have and are accustomed to. Winters are quite dark (5-4 hours of daylight) November – February and summers are very light. Then we sleep with good shaders in the windows. In the dark times at least modern good head lamps make outdoor toiling easy.


Soils here are mainly rich organic or silk sand, which seldom suffer from drought and are easy to farm. There are underground drains (pipes) in the fields to take off snow meting waters in the spring and heavy rains.


Sahala has got organic status on the fields (65 hectares, 150 acres) since 1995. Also the forest has organic status.


GLC shall have a strength of high knowledge of health know how, which all members can benefit as they want. Vessi and Marie are both experienced preventive health experts and can help the community members to benefits from this knowledge. The community kitchen routines is encouraged to make use of this information and awareness to the best health, energy and potential of the members. Sahala even has a "herb room" with about 15 stored and dried herbs in boxes. They are a valuable enrichment of the normal food. Picking, drying, milling, and selling the natural or garden Herbs could be a small team business for some in GLC.

Sahala has 65 hectares and 150 acres of fields to be used for various purposes. All fields have organic status.

In Sahala's well-maintained and bright forests, there are plenty of forest roads where you can go outside.

Sahala's forests can be used in many different ways.