Owners of Sahala

Vessi and Marie

Vessi has originally a degree in Helsinki University in farming economics and forestry. He has been running Sahala estate, but he is also a serial entrepreneur. He likes to develop and innovate continuously and offers his help to the production teams in the GLC.

Because his education but mainly by his past and present companies he has large knowledge about preventive health, interaction and social skills, forestry, business management and agriculture. In his age he is in very good mental and physical condition and has very healthy lifestyle.

Marie is a physical therapist by training but now involved in preventive health as well. She is working too in the family enterprises, is in excellent physical condition and consults that area also to other people.

Marie and Vessi do their utmost to get GLC on good track, share their knowledge to the teams. They live in one house just 500 m outside the farm centre next to Kasvunpaikka house and famous HolySmoke sauna by the river in Kalliotalo (Rockhouse).

The role of Vessi and Marie shall be working as senior consults for GLC. Both are eager, capable and willing to move all technical, economical, biological, social and administrative knowledge to the members of GLC freely to make management more efficient and stress free.  

Some applicants have asked with what values ​​and principles we operate in the community. You can read the articles and writings of the creator of the community, Veli-Jussi Jalkanen, on his website vessi.eu or on Facebook Veli-Jussi Jalkanen. On the other hand, the community will democratically define its own forms of life and practices after starting as a community.